Inline Cannabis Grow Fans Reviews 2017

Inline Grow Fans

When setting up your grow room, there is a lot to take into consideration. Compared to growing cannabis outdoors, indoor growing takes a little bit more equipment as well as a slightly larger initial investment. As an indoor grower, you will need to purchase lights, nutrients, pots, ventilation, etc. However, indoor growing is favorable among many growers due to its yield predictability and the greater amount of control over the cannabis crop it allows you to have. Indoor growing also allows for more harvests per year as well as year round growing. For these reasons, many cannabis growers prefer indoor growing versus outdoor.

One of the most important things for you to have as an indoor cannabis grower is a great ventilation system. Maintaining the correct environment for cannabis is extremely important in ensuring your plants will grow properly and to their full potential. This is true regardless the size of your environment, whether it’s a small grow tent or an industrial sized warehouse.

The lights used to grow cannabis often emit large amounts of heat, which needs to be offset by proper ventilation. This is especially true for HID lights, as they give off significantly more heat than other lighting types such as LEDs. If the temperature is too high, the plants can burn and wilt and your crop will falter. It’s important that you actively monitor the temperature of your grow space, because with fans the temperature can also drop too low, which is equally dangerous for the plants. Proper ventilation will also reduce the likelihood of mold and excess humidity, in addition to regulating the overall temperature in your grow space.

Inline grow fans are the perfect ventilation solution to your cannabis growing needs. They require very little additional equipment beyond what is already required to set up your grow space. They are ideal for all sizes of grow spaces as well. Inline grow fans are usually able to be attached to existing ducting, which eliminates the need for additional spending. They are the most efficient and cost effective option for ventilation.

When choosing your inline grow fans there are a few things to keep in mind.

As mentioned previously, the type of lights you choose for your grow room will have a large impact on the ventilation you will need. For example, a small room with HIDs will actually need more ventilation than a large room with LEDs. This is because LEDs give off very little heat. So if you are planning to use LEDs in your grow room setup, the need for ventilation won’t be as great. However, it is still important to circulate the air and allow for fresh air to enter your grow space so that your cannabis plants are able to absorb the carbon dioxide they need to remain alive.

To calculate the size inline grow fan you will need for your cannabis grow space, use this simple formula: length x width x height x 20 = total volume of air per hour needed. This will give you an idea of the rating you will need to look for in your inline grow fan. Airflow is measured in CFM which is short for cubic feet per minute. So for example, if your grow space is 10 cubic feet, you will need a fan with at least 200 CPM. Larger grow spaces will generally need more than one fan. Many fans are adjustable, allowing you to choose exactly how much air they will move per hour. Some units have this feature built in or are sold alongside a compatible adjusting component.

Another thing to keep in mind

Depending on where you are located, is whether or not you may need to neutralize the odor of the air as it leaves your grow space. This is where a carbon filter would come in handy. Carbon filters attach to inline grow fans and filter the air as it is removed from the grow space, removing any potential lingering cannabis odors.

Here are seven of the best inline grow fans available on the current market. The fans compiled here encompass a wide variety of grower needs, as they are different sizes and capable of ventilating different sized areas.

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