Grow Tents Reviews 2017

Grow Tents Review

Cannabis growers typically grow in one of three environments. For those with ample outdoor space, the access to natural sunlight is incomparable so it tends to be the favorable option. However, cannabis tends to take longer to grow outdoors and climate plays a huge role in the success of the crop. Oh the other hand, many growers do not have access to a private piece of land and/or simply want a little more control over their cannabis crop. This is where indoor growing comes into play. As far as indoor growing goes, commercial growers may be able to dedicate an entire warehouse or large room for their plants. Those with a smaller space such as only a closet, will benefit from a contraption known as a grow tent.

When growing cannabis indoors, you need to provide the right environment for your plants at all times. You need to provide adequate lighting, proper temperature/humidity all while containing the odor. Commercial growers will typically have the means to create a perfect controlled environment. For small-scale growers, grow tents offer an easier solution for maintaining a cannabis friendly environment.

What are grow tents?

Grow tents are sealed devices, designed to create small, customizable, controlled environments. These tents are typically made of durable and lightproof material, such as vinyl or oxford cloth. Good grow tents will also have a reflective inner material such as mylar. This ensures the plants are receiving equal amounts of light, as it will be reflected throughout the space. The thick material will also maintain whatever temperature and humidity you desire for your plants. Many tents have cut out areas where inline fans can be installed as well as mesh vents for added ventilation. When choosing a grow tent, you should also take into account how many cannabis plants you will have as well as how many trays you will need.

Why use a grow tent?

There are many advantages of grow tents. For one, they are fully customizable in terms of lighting, temperature and humidity. They come in a wide variety of sizes as well. As mentioned previously, they are ideal for growers with only a small space able to be dedicated to growing cannabis. One of the best aspects of grow tents is that they are able to be packed up and moved whenever you need.

Here you will find 10 of the best grow tents on the market. Many of these manufacturers offer several sizes of each model to accommodate every cannabis growers’ needs. This list has a wide variety of styles and tents for every budget, whether you are a professional grower or just starting out.

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