Bud Trimmer Reviews 2017

Bud Trimmers

A great bud trimmer is an essential piece of equipment for any prospective cannabis grower. Regardless if your grow space is a simple grow tent or a large scale warehouse, you will need a bud trimmer that meets your needs. Smaller scale operations can generally get by with a hand trimmer. However, if you have a larger crop you may want to consider purchasing an actual bud trimming machine.

When selecting a bud trimmer for your cannabis crop, there are a couple factors to take into consideration. First, do you plan on expanding your operations in the near future? If so, it may be in your best interest to purchase a trimmer that will meet your future trimming needs, thus saving you from having to make another purchase later down the road. You should also factor in your budget, though it’s important to think of your new bud trimmer as an investment.

Why trim your cannabis buds?

You may be wondering if it’s really necessary to trim your cannabis buds before they are set aside to cure. The short answer is: yes. For one, the THC concentration per gram will be higher if the leaves are trimmed off the buds. In addition, leaves are much harsher than buds when consumed by smoking or using a vaporizer. It also simply looks better when the buds are trimmed neatly.

Trimming Techniques: Wet or dry?

As far as the process of bud trimming goes, there are two main techniques: wet and dry. The difference between these two approaches has to do with whether you begin trimming before or after the cannabis has dried. There are benefits to both techniques so you will have to decide which one will best suit your needs.

Wet trimming tend to be the more popular method of cannabis trimming, especially with those who trim by hand. It typically produces better looking buds and is easier to do. Wet trimmed buds will have a neater and more manicured look to them than dry trimmed buds.

Pros of wet trimming:

  • Quicker and easier
  • Sugar leaves are easier to trim as they are not stuck to the flower
  • Creates a more aesthetically pleasing final product

Dry trimming is ideal if you would prefer to use a trimming machine, as it can be very tedious by hand. Leaving the buds untrimmed as they dry will slow down the overall process. This can be beneficial if you live somewhere with low humidity levels and you aren’t on a strict timeline. If you choose to go with the dry trimming approach, consider removing the fan leaves first with your fingers as it’ll make the process a little easier later. Most mechanic bud trimmers work better with dry buds as well.

Pros of dry trimming:

  • Preserves the natural color of the buds
  • Locks in the aroma
  • Year-long manicuring potential

Equipment Needed

In addition to your trimmer(s), there are a few other things you will need to have on hand when the trimming process begins.

  • Gloves – If you don’t wear gloves, your hands will become very sticky and covered in resin. The oil from your fingers could potentially damage the buds as well.
  • Pruning scissors/shears – These can be helpful in preparing the buds for full trimming by removing the fan leaves.
  • Plastic or metal trays – Any nonabsorbent material will work here. These are helpful for keeping your piles sorted.
  • Drying rack – This will be helpful for after your cannabis crop is trimmed, as it will need a place to dry fully and cure before it’s ready for consumption/sale. Some people prefer cookie sheets or clotheslines, while others use commercial drying racks designed specifically for cannabis growers.
  • Magnifying glass – Some growers like to inspect their buds close up before/after trimming.

Pro tip: Keep your trimmings and leaves because you can make edibles and hash with them.

Here are seven of the best bud trimmers on the market. The list compiled here encompasses a wide variety of models suited for growers with both small and large scale operations.

Trimpro Rotor Leaf Trimmer

Trimpro is one of the most trusted brands of bud trimmers in the cannabis industry. This bud trimmer was designed to be both gentle and efficient. It uses leather ‘fingers’ to move the cannabis over the non-stick grates where they are trimmed by razor sharp, tempered steel blades. One benefit of this product is that it’s built at an angle, so you are able to retrieve the trimmed buds while the machine is still running. The blade height is adjustable as well.

This trimmer is great for large harvests, making it a great choice if your operation is or will be large scale. It is a little more expensive than other models, so those who are on a tight budget may be better off with another trimmer.

All of Trimpro’s products come with a one year warranty.

The Magic Trimmer Electric Automatic Handheld Bud Trimmer

The Magic Trimmer is an cost effective, small, handheld device ideal for growers with smaller harvests or those who want more control over the trimming process. This product is a great alternative to larger machines. It is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at just two and a half pounds. It allows for precise and tidy trimming.

This trimmer is built to be compatible with all types of strains. Even though it is technically hand held, it is automatic so it will greatly speed up the trimming process when compared to manually trimming by hand. It is also a very affordable trimmer compared to some of the larger machines, so if you have a smaller crop to harvest this is the perfect product for you.

The Magic Trimmer comes with a one year warranty.

The Triminator Industrial Trimmer System

The Triminator is the ultimate bud trimmer if you have a large scale cannabis operation. The product is made in the United States and has been rigorously tested. One great aspect of this trimmer is that it is equipped with a self-cleaning system. The machine has an automatic misting system designed to keep the drum cleaned at all times. In fact, this machine has one of the largest drums in the world: The Monster Drum. This drum is manufactured by Flora Hydroponics, another reputable name in the cannabis industry.

Because there is no need to disassemble and clean the drum at any point, this trimmer is incredibly time efficient. It is also advertised as being 2.5x faster than any other trimmer on the market with the same drum. It is capable of trimming incredibly large harvests, ideal for growers with a substantial amount of cannabis plants. It is on the pricier side, but a great investment for any large scale grower.

The Triminator comes with a two year warranty.

iPower GLTRIMBOWL16M 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer

This manual trimmer is very cost effective and user friendly. The bowl is 16 inches in diameter and is clear, which allows for you to easily see your buds. This trimmer removes leaves and stems with the power of 30 pairs of scissors. The razor sharp blades ensure there is little to no damage done to the buds throughout the trimming process.
Additionally, this product comes with two replacement straight blades and one wire blade. The handle is also removable which makes for easy storage. The grille is removable as well, allowing for easy cleaning. This trimmer is great if you have only a few plants and are looking for an efficient method of trimming your cannabis buds. Keep in mind that this machine can only handle small amounts at a time and if you spin too fast, you could damage your crop.
iPower also offers a 19-inch trimmer in this same product line.

Growtent Garden 19-inch Bud Trimmer

This is another great manual trimmer for those with a small scale cannabis operation. The bowl is 19 inches in diameter and similar to the iPower 16-inch model, is transparent to allow for easy viewing. The bowl is constructed of stainless steel, making this trimmer incredibly durable.
Another advantage of this product is that the cutting blades are adjustable, making it customizable to your cannabis needs. Also like the iPower model, this product harnesses the power of 30 pairs of scissors. This trimmer comes with one razor blade, one serrated blade, two wire blades and a pair of scissors.
This product is only suitable for small harvests, so if you think you may expand your operations anytime in the near future this trimmer may not fulfill your needs.
Growtent Garden also offers a 16-inch model as well.

Tumble Trimmer TTT 1900

The Tumble Trimmer TTT 1900 from Tom’s is an incredibly efficient model suitable for medium to large sized cannabis harvests. This trimmer can process 12 pounds of cannabis in just one hour, or one pound every five minutes. In addition, there is a built in speed controller motor and the product comes with two different sized nets.
This trimmer does not use blades to trim the cannabis, but rather uses a combination of tumbling and nets. This helps to preserve the crystals. However, it only accomplishes about 85 percent of your trimming so you will need to finish the rest by hand or by using another machine. Also keep in mind that a catch box is not included, so you will need to provide your own. This product is more expensive than others on the market, but is a good investment for those looking to produce top quality product.
Other advantages of this trimmer are that it is great for a multitude of strains, it has a quiet running motor and it is very easy to assemble and move.
The Tumble Trimmer TTT 1900 is covered by a one year warranty.

The Triminator DRY Trimming Machine

The Triminator DRY, also designed by Flora Hydroponics, was created for growers seeking a trimmer that could work faster, cut closer and go longer between cleanings. It is also specifically designed for dry trimming, as the name suggests. This model features an automatic timer, which allows you to walk away and come back when the process is complete.
This product also comes with a removable trim bin. This is great for growers who are looking to save their trimmings to make edibles or hash. The bin is food grade as well. There are also retractable wheels, which make moving the machine simple but allows for greater stability while operating.
Keep in mind that while dry trimming has its advantages, it ultimately creates a completely different product than wet trimming.
The Triminator DRY has a two year warranty.

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