Glass Spoons

Glass Spoons


When it comes to choosing a glass spoon, the options can be overwhelming. With numerous styles and colors to choose from, ranging from simple standard spoons to designs as wild as the imagination can create, it can be hard to know which product will best suit your cannabis consuming needs. Here we will go over the history of glass spoons and pipes, why people choose glass spoon, features to look for when choosing a glass spoon and 13 of the top glass spoons on the market today.


History of Glass Spoons & Pipes

Although manufactured glass didn’t appear until roughly 1500 BC, natural glass (typically produced either by volcanoes or lightning striking sand) has been used since ancient times. When manufactured glass began growing in popularity, it was relatively limited in uses. This is because it was considered to be a very valuable substance. Plus, it was incredibly difficult to make given the crude materials and primitive equipment available.


Around 30 BC, the blowpipe was invented. A blowpipe is an essential tool for successfully blowing glass. Following the invention of the blowpipe, glass became much easier and cheaper to produce. It’s thought around this time, the first glass pipe was created as well. Prior to the blowpipe, glass could only be produced by casting. Due to the delicate nature of glass spoons and pipes, it’s unlikely they could have been created with the early casting technology.


Why Choose Glass Spoons?

The biggest advantage to using glass to consume cannabis (and tobacco as well), is that glass is nonporous and noncombustible. This means that unlike papers, wraps and other delivery methods, glass does not add anything to the taste or overall experience.


Features to Look For

While it can be tempting to choose a glass spoon solely based on appearance, there are a couple of other factors to take into consideration. By choosing your new glass spoon in a more mindful manner, you can have a better overall smoking experience.


Beyond the two features listed below, you can base your selection on personal preference for style and color.


  1. Size

When selecting your glass spoon, the size of both the bowl and the pipe itself can dramatically affect your smoking experience. Taking a look at the size of the bowl will allow you to gauge how much product it will hold at a given time. If you are someone who prefers long-lasting smoke sessions, a small bowl may prove very inconvenient.


The size of the pipe itself will determine its mobility and easiness to use.


  1. Durability

While it may be tempting to go for the most stylized and aesthetically appealing spoon, you should look for one that is constructed in a durable manner as well. In general, the glass will be annealed after the spoon is shaped, which improves its durability and overall strength. However, even the most well-constructed glass spoons can break if dropped or otherwise mishandled.


Look for companies who specifically mention the durability and include key phrases like “shatter-resistant” in the product description. Of course, the best way to truly determine a spoon’s durability is either by reading reviews or testing it out yourself.

12 of the Top Glass Spoons on Today’s Market

Now that you have some of the basic information on how to select a glass spoon to best suit your needs, here are 13 of the best glass spoons on today’s market.

1. TakeKit Handmade Rare Vintage Style 4” Piece

TakeKit is a very reputable manufacturer with numerous styles of pipes to choose from. This glass spoon from TakeKit is incredibly durable and the perfect size for easy transportation. The pipe is roughly four to five inches in length, making it easy to take on the go. In addition, the price is incredibly reasonable for the quality of the product at just nine dollars plus shipping. Each spoon is unique featuring its own design and colors.

The glass used to construct the spoons is heavy-duty and shatter resistant, meaning your pipe will last you for years to come. Each product comes with a seal of authenticity to prevent knockoffs as well. Though you cannot choose the exact pipe you will receive with this model, each pipe is beautifully handcrafted and is truly unique.

2. Vision Squidward Swiggly Bowl

Another awesome spoon, the Squidward Swiggly Bowl is a compact pipe with beautiful colors and a fun, unique design. Its compact nature makes it easy to bring with you wherever you go, and easy to store as well. There are a few potential designs when ordering this spoon, all individually handcrafted.

This spoon is made with thick, heavy-duty glass, making it extra durable against scratches, falls, etc. Depending on the design received, the glass may be color changing as well. All of these at an unbeatable price of less than 10 dollars.

3. Rx Vape Trippy Space Mushroom Art Bowl

With a unique red, white and black striped design, this spoon is perfect for any consumer who enjoys a “trippy” smoking experience. The glass is heavy-duty, which ensures it won’t break or shatter easily. It is also very compact in design, making it efficient and easy transportable. At just seven dollars, plus shipping, this spoon is hard to beat.

4. 3.5” Blue Spoon Art

This glass spoon has a very unique, translucent design. The pipe itself is mostly see-through, but the head of the pipe contains added colored glass bubbles. At just 3.5 inches in length, this pipe is compact enough to bring with you just about anywhere and suitable for users of all shapes and sizes.

This pipe comes with free shipping as well and is just 10 dollars. The only complaint about the pipe from the listed reviews is that the bowl is slightly smaller than the average spoon, meaning it’s only suitable for small amounts of herb at a time. In addition, most users report a screen is necessary so that the herb does not fall through the hole in the bowl.

5. Vision Life Inc. Moon Bowl

This pipe is handcrafted with an incredibly unique blue and white design. The stem features a nice swirl pattern while the bowl has more translucent tear drop designs on it. The bowl is relatively small, though the pipe is about four inches in length. This makes it suitable for smaller bowls, with only a few hits at a time.

The pipe is slightly bigger than the average spoon, yet is still easily transported from place to place. With this piece, you’re paying slightly more (20 dollars plus shipping) for a unique design and from a name brand seller, though it is well worth it.

6. XYQ Multicolor Glass Spoon

Available in translucent blue or green glass, this uniquely designed pipe is great for all smokers. The pipe features complimentary cream colored, wavy stripes down the stem. This spoon is hand blown and made of heavy-duty, shatter-resistant glass. This means it is less likely to break if dropped or mishandled than other pipes constructed of lower quality glass.

The blue pipe is slightly larger and runs at about 12 dollars, while the green pipe is just 3.5 inches and costs just under nine dollars. Both pipes are portable, it’s up to the user which size/color they prefer.

7. Avatar Pipe

When ordering this pipe, similar to the aforementioned TakeKit spoon, you will receive a random, handcrafted spoon. All spoons have unique and colorful designs, and are constructed with thick, heavy-duty glass that does not easily break or shatter. In addition, pipes from this brand are just under four dollars, plus shipping. For the quality of the product, this price is basically incomparable.

8. Rx Vape Grav Labs Spoon Frit

Available in five colors (green, blue, yellow, orange and red), this line of spoons from Rx Vape is high quality and an easily transportable size of four inches. The bowl is big enough for moderate amounts of herb, meaning you won’t have to refill quite as often as you would with a smaller bowl or spoon. The stem features the classic, block-style lettered GRAV logo, a bonus for those who desire brand name pieces.


The stem is mostly opaque white glass, with the colored portion being more towards the bowl with a nice, faded transition between the two.The glass is thick and heavy duty, so it won’t break easily. Because it is brand name, the price is slightly higher than aforementioned spoons at around 22 dollars plus shipping.

9. Rx Vape Mini Necklace Bowl

A unique spoon from Rx Vape, this miniature bowl doubles as a pendant as well. The end of the stem features a circular opening, perfect for a chain or cord to be threaded through, converting the bowl into a fashionable and functional necklace. The pipe is transparent, so it blends in easily. This is a helpful feature for those who are trying to be more discreet with their cannabis consumption.

The pipe is roughly three inches in length, making it slightly smaller than many pipes yet still large enough to be fully functional. This spoon is roughly 12 dollars plus shipping.

10. Rx Vape Mini Bloodstone Bowl

Another great product from Rx Vape, the Mini Bloodstone Bowl is perfect for those who want a small, compact bowl for on the go. This spoon is roughly three inches in length, making it incredibly discreet and easy to transport nearly everywhere. The design is a beautiful, unique combination of a marbled green bowl and mouthpiece, with an abstract red and white stem.

The bowl of the pipe is rather large, in comparison to the total size of the spoon. This makes it efficient for larger amounts of herb, while remaining compact. It truly utilizes the total volume of the piece well. This pipe is just under 14 dollars.

11. Duozhi 4 Inches Glazed Glass Exquisite Artwork for Smoking

This uniquely designed spoon is perfect for anyone looking for a more eccentric piece. The majority of the pipe is a rich dark blue color, though the bowl features orange and black stripes. There is an additional blue and white striped attachment, similar in shape to a handle. Overall, the design is very aesthetically appealing, making this spoon great for sparking conversation.

The spoon is roughly four inches in length and is made of thick, durable pyrex glass. Because each piece is handmade and a unique work of art, the exact colors and dimensions may vary slightly. This means each piece is one of a kind, another appealing aspect to many smokers. The size is perfect to keep this spoon easily portable, though large enough to hold a good amount of herb. The best part? This pipe is only 11 dollars.

12. Grav Labs 4” Frosted Spoon

Another great spoon from Grav Labs, this frosted style spoon is incredibly durable and affordable. The glass is thick and shatter-resistant, so you won’t have to worry the spoon breaking easily. Currently the frosted style spoon is only available in green, featuring a discreet GRAV logo on the stem as well.

This spoon is about four inches in length, so while it’s a little larger than many other pipes, it’s still portable. Like the other spoons from Grav Labs mentioned in this article, this spoon is slightly more expensive at 16 dollars plus shipping. However, with this brand, you know you’re getting incomparable quality.


Now you have some basic information on how to choose the best glass spoon to suit your smoking needs, as well as reviews of 13 of the best spoons on the current market. Use the information in this comprehensive guide next time you are selecting a glass spoon, your cannabis will thank you!


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